How does Save Point Begin

Every story must have a beginning and an end.  Save Point does as well.  The beginning we can tell you about, the ending, not so much.

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As the game starts, you find yourself living an average life.  You work at a factory in a small town, living paycheck to paycheck.  You dream of life becoming more, but each day is the same, clocking in, clocking out.

As our story begins, several events occur that change your life forever.  You come into possession of a single magic item, the Save Point.


At the same time, you discover that a nuclear missile attack is about to hit your city.  This event essentially erases everything you've built up in your previous life, and allows you to restart a new life in a new world, with your comfortable routine gone forever.

Once you escape the city, and the blast, things will never be the same.  You begin an adventure in a larger world, without the desire or ability to look back.

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