In Save Point, many, many, things can happen.  It's an unconventional type of story, where your choices have an enormous effect on what the story is about.

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As you progress through YOUR story, you make choices.  These choices determine how the story proceeds.  It gets complicated, but here are the basics.

The story is about your life.  It lasts as long as your life lasts.  It can be about anything.  As you make choices, you are telling our directors what kind of show you want to watch.  If you keep trying to race cars  at every chance, the story becomes about cars.  If you make choices that all lean towards Sci fi plotlines, you will soon find yourself involved in a Sci fi adventure.


Save Point will have Chapters, or episodes if you like, within the main story.  These are somewhat self contained plotlines that take you on unique adventures across the multiverse, or sometimes just in a room.

During your life, you get involved in things.  Join a band and go on tour.  Become an international chess champion.  Explore alien worlds.  Travel to a parallel dimension where Giraffes talk and keep humans as pets.  Anything is possible.

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