The end of Save Point is the end of your life.  Much like real life, you can die in any number of ways.  The Save Point itself changes the dynamic greatly, allowing you to retrace your steps, and make different choices than ones that may appear to be leading towards your demise.

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The Save Point does not resurrect people.  It can only be activated.  When you come to a point in the story where you feel like you're heading into a dangerous situation, you can use the Save Point to go back to a previous time.  If you are killed violently during the story, that is the end.

If you are successful throughout your life and never encounter a fatal situation, you will eventually die of old age.  Even in your later years, you will still have choices to make and stories to experience.


There is a place and time inside the multiverse you may encounter if your decisions take you there.  It is called the Zor Plexicon.  It is a dimension where the rules of time and space as we know them no longer apply.  

If you reach the Zor Plexicon during your lifetime, you may attempt to traverse it.  If you reach the Great Stone at the end of time, you will have won the game, though this is not the only way to win.  If you reach this rarest of destinations, you will have access to every chapter across the Save Point universe, as all of time folds together and becomes simultaneous.

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