What happens once you join the Save Point Team as an Animator?



Joining the Save Point project as an animator is a little different than some of the other roles.  There are some prerequisites, but it's fairly accessible for anyone that really wants to work.

First, you need at least a basic understanding of After Effects, which we use for compositing.  It can be purchased as part of an Adobe subscription at in inexpensive monthly rate.  If you are a character animator or artist, you would need Cartoon Animator 4, Moho, or Toonboom Harmony.

You also need some organizational skills, and an ability to learn to adapt to a style of direction.  This kind of thing is basic for any film project, so working with us can help you build skills that will prepare you for a career in the industry.

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The website will soon host a job board, that allows animators to find scenes that need to be done.  There are several types of these. 

1. Creating animated backdrop scenes in AE.  In example a factory with a moving conveyor belt, or a mall with people shopping in the background.

2. Creating a CTA4 character for the series.  This is a specialized task, and should be approached only by those with advanced skill in animated character creation.

3. Creating the motions for the characters in a directed scene.  This must be done in conjunction with speech audio, which will be supplied with posted scenes.

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