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The new system we've created allows you to do something never before possible.  You can easily join the project as long as you have basic skills, and prove your abilities while working on the film.  In time you can achieve the position of director, and tell your own story as part of the larger film.


There's a full section here on the site that talks about the different aspects of joining, and what that means.  

In the simplest terms, once you join you get help, resources, and jobs you can choose to work on.  You also get a community of mentors that can help you improve your skills.

You can read about all of it here - 



Save Point is a first of it's kind project, that allows people from all over the world to work together freely to make a single product.  We collect and distribute resources that help creative people like you achieve things that would be incredibly difficult for a solo creator.

An amazing thing about the project is simply seeing your work come to life.  If you are a graphic artist, you might see a team of animators bring your painting to life.  If you are a musician, you might see your music professionally mastered and used to score a scene.  There's really no feeling that compares to seeing your work become something more through teamwork and cooperation.

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