Art and Animation

In this section we look at the most labor intensive part of our process.  Art and animation are sourced from and produced by multiple types of contributors and employees.  Here we explain how using hybrid sourcing can streamline a once prohibitively expensive process.


It's the year 2021, and here in the future there are many new realities based purely on the scale of the population, and the evolution of the web.

A decade ago, finding stock resources for animation would have been no easy task.


In today's world there are literally tens of millions of art resources out there that can be adapted to our purpose.


This makes what once would have been a monumental task, into something  manageable



For what we call Star assets, such as main characters in the series or central props that will be reused many times, we can use professional artists.

The cost of this source is exponentially higher, but unfortunately it's literally the only way to develop high end assets of this type.

The strategy we employ is to balance using professional art where it's absolutely needed, and working with stock elements when it's not.

Using advanced filtering systems, we can consolidate the look of multiple art sources in a way that was not previously possible.

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