If you talk to a lot of independent filmmakers and artists, most just want a position in film where we could climb the ladder. Work from a starter position, get recognized for our work and talent. and rise in the ranks until we've proven our skills. 


The goal is to make it to the level where we can finally make the film idea that initially inspired us.


It really takes a critical mass of money or effort to break into the film\television industry. Tens of thousands of indie filmmakers across the world don't have that money or opportunity, and are looking for a way to produce something competitive in the market.


YouTube is a poor starting place for filmmakers in a lot of ways. They are basically paying 1c on the dollar vs the same job, same hours, at a studio project. So you find yourself working 1000 hours, and making 10 grand.


Meanwhile, some people already in the industry are getting paid that same 10 grand for 1 hour. It's the current world in microcosm. The more you need help, the less help you get.

Aspiring filmmakers and artists need a new ladder, one that allows them to work toward their goals in an effective way.



Save Point creates that ladder to some degree. It's not perfect, but for people that have already been working hard, it's a way to have something they desperately need, the experience of working as part of a team, and the synergy of resource sharing that exists commonly in large corporations.




There are a lot of puzzle pieces that go together to make this new type of film initiative possible. 


The animated nature of production solves a number of major problems, such as the expense of props, locations, and actors on set.

It also gives us the critical capability for every member to work from home on their own schedule. That's a pretty big deal in terms of the practicality.

A corporate umbrella allows us to freely share production assets amongst members, as long as those assets are used on Save Point.

Unreal Engine 5 allows us to create animation more quickly than ever before, and with a growing library of internal assets, we can begin movement towards a drag and drop ecosystem that will allow filmmakers on the project to develop storylines at remarkable speed.




Save Point is a new kind of semi open system that allows a large number of creatives to work collaboratively on a single story of unprecedented scale.


Though it will be seen by the public as one continuous story, the reality is that this is a platform designed to connect hundreds, if not thousands of individual films. It depends on how you define film.


This continuous format allows for many more opportunities for creatives to contribute work, and every work contributed is professionally credited on IMDB.



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