You click on the icon for news, and start searching for any articles about a nuclear strike

You see a mushroom cloud in one of the pictures and instinctively click on it, fearing the worst.

It's a 3 year old internet video that some news editor just found this week.

The video shows a shockwave utterly destroying a city about the size of the one you're currently in.


You become hypnotized by the video, with its colorful explanations of the giant explosion. 

Before you realize it, you've watched the entire 12 minute video.  

You refresh the news page to see if the nuke hoax on the news made some headlines.  

It stalled on the loading screen.  Something's wrong with the Wifi.  

You reconnect the the router and try the screen again.  Still nothing.

You turn the input back to the tv news, only to find the same broadcast from earlier still playing on a loop.

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